•  Led Street Light

    Street Lighting

    Street lighting can improve traffic safety, achieve efficient traffic movement, and promote the general use of the facility during darkness and under a wide variety of weather conditions.

  • Indoor LED Lighting

    Indoor Lighting

    Light influences the emotional responses of the people who occupy the space. The appearance and character of a space is greatly dependent on the distribution and pattern of light and shadow. Lighting design does not start with the selection of luminaires, but with an evaluation of the occupants' needs, visual and physical capabilities, age, and lifestyle.

  • Industrial Led Lighting

    Industrial Lighting

    Industry encompasses a wide range of visual tasks, operating conditions, and economic considerations. The lighting must provide adequate visibility so that materials can be transformed into finished products. Physical hazards exist in manufacturing processes, so lighting is of the utmost importance as a safety factor in preventing accidents.

  • Outdoor Led Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    Lighting the outdoor environment is different from lighting an interior space. Outdoors, the universal standard is the daytime sun and sky. Evaluating an exterior lighting system include glare, visibility, color, illuminance, luminance, and brightness.